Oversharing: Aren’t You Forgetting Something?

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives, pals. Less importantly, it’s also the first Oversharing post of the 2014 calendar year.

I’ll wait while you applaud.

I’m just as excited as you to get the ball rolling and because I’ve learned that short and sweet, much like my 5’1 stature, is how my peeps like their blog posts, I’m dropping a quick little somethin’ somethin’ on ya today with the help of Ms. Tiffany Ben, writer at Gladiator in Heels. Tiffany’s piece should serve as a constant and terrible reminder that our little ones mimic everything we do. Constant. Terrible. Got that?



I work full-time outside of the home, and I’ve got a nerve wrecking commute. So, when I get home, I like to unwind. That unwinding involves me changing into some comfy clothes…minus my underwear. Yeah, I like to let it all breathe.

My sponge-like 4-year-old observed (and still does) everything I do.

One day, when picking her up from PreK, her teacher pulls me aside. She tells me about my kid being caught during naptime with no underwear on AND with her hands in her “naughty” parts!!!

I shrieked and freaked. WTH?!

The kid actually left our house that morning with no underwear on! Can’t imagine where she got that idea…


TBenTiffany Ben is an imperfect child of God, wife, mom, blending life and work, blogging about it all…a lifestyle blog. She is all over the Interwebs for your enjoyment. I mean, not like that kind of enjoyment, but you get it…


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  1. Like mother like daughter! So funny! I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that phone call was….UGH.

  2. I say a day for my 4 y.o. daughter leaving for school WITH her underwear on was a banner day! You are doing great parenting for only having one. They just like to feel the goods and see what’s down there. Your doc will tell you it is just self-exploration and hopefully will stop before middle school! ;)

  3. Even though that was 4 years ago, I am still cracking up! @beth, it was in person! I could have put the phone on mute if it were by phone! No way to conceal my laughter in public. @stacey, yes, I want my girl to be comfortable with her goods. So many kids grow up thinking it’s bad to touch “down there” cause their parents freak out! It was hilarious to me!

  4. Excellent. I can only imagine the fun that will start pouring in as my kids spend more and more time at school ;) Thanks for sharing, Tiffany!

  5. HA! Kids. Omg, thank you much for sharing.

  6. When I taught preschool, I had a little girl who would show up sans panties on occasion. When I would try to get information about her clothing choice, her answer was always the same: “I didn’t feel like wearing any.”

    Sounded good to me.

    I don’t wear underwear with my yoga pants, and I wear those at some point every day, so I totally get that! Thanks for sharing this funny with us!

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