Breakfast Burritos Make Me Sick and I Hate Guys That Wear Abercrombie & Fitch


He was charming. Handsome. Ambitious. Fun. <Insert lavish sigh and girlish giggles here> On the heels of my first real break-up, I met Bryan.* We lived in the same dorm and despite my role as big bad Resident Assistant, he continued to underage drink in his room. He was the coooolest. One night after a […]

My Husband’s Love Affair With Another Man…

Blogelina Profitable Blogging is only $5!

Excel spreadsheets. Family budget. 401K and retirement packages. “Live like no one else today so you can live like no one else tomorrow.”   If any of that got you all hot and bothered, you’re probably my husband, who, by the way, is having an ongoing love affair with another man. Yes, pals, you read […]

Video Killed the Radio Star

You know how, a few weeks ago, I was on the radio? It was awesome because I didn’t have to brush my teeth. But then, I was asked to polish myself up and go to the KDKA studios where people would see (and smell) me. I did and it was FUN! That said, I’ve never […]

Dear Students: Don’t Ever Ask Me These Questions

10 Questions Students Should NEVER Ask Their English Teachers

This may come as a surprise to you, but not every kid loves school. I know, I’ll give you a minute. Not only that, but some don’t really pay attention when teachers are explaining assignments, answering other students’ questions, or generally speaking words about anything at all. It’s quite frustrating as the teacher, but even more […]

10 Reasons Why I Don’t Run

I Fall Up Steps

School is in session which means we moms supposedly have more time to ourselves. Unless, of course, you’re like me and all three of your little ankle-biters are still at home with you. What free time I have is spent scrubbing jelly off of walls and folding forty piles of laundry a day. LOL! Just […]

MyCharge: Fueling My Addiction

Know when I need my cell phone the most? When the battery’s dead. It’s like some cosmic force drains the battery when I’m low on gas and lost on some back road trying to find that little country ice cream shack everyone raves about, or when I’m relying on Siri to entertain the kids while […]

Oversharing: The Day I Had Balls


Hiya, pals! Welcome back to another installment of Oversharing: I Ain’t Scarrred! Today’s Oversharer, Amanda, is a dear friend and colleague who agreed to embarrass herself in the name of laughter, but also hopes all the women out there will learn something from her experience: when it comes to treating feminine itch, less is more. More […]

Dolla, Dolla Bills Ya’ll


Teachers can win up to $100,000.00 for their classrooms with the H&R Block Budget Challenge. Register for one of the six sessions and enter your class today!

When the Line is Blue, There May Be Poo

Huggies Little Snugglers. Maybe next time I won't pile the diapers in front of the box that's supposed to be visible, eh?

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Huggies and Target. I received samples and a promotional item to facilitate my review.”   One of my favorite parts of having a baby in the house is the adorable sound effects. Raspberries and slobber. Squeals and giggles. The unmistakable grunting as she unloads in […]

The Interview That Changed My Life. As Told By Me.

Oooh! A van! I have a chance to look at this for about 15 minutes as I am locked out of the building. I believe I've been punked, but manage to slip in quiet as a ninja past an unassuming intern. Okay, fine. He held the door for me.

You guys, I’m kind of a big deal now. *Pops collar, trips over dog* You may have heard my presence was requested at the KDKA studios in Pittsburgh? Talk radio host Mangino contacted me last week after my article, I Put My Husband Before Our Kids, exploded all over the Internet. Lots of people loved […]

“Your Baby Has Holes in Her Heart” As Shared By the Worst Pediatric Cardiologist EVER

pediatric cardiologist led me to (2)

It was about 7AM, an otherwise acceptable time to wake a gal up, unless she had just spent the entire day before laboring and expelling the cutest almost 10-pound baby girl (along with some other stuff…). I had been looking forward to the first comfortable stomach sleep in almost 8 months, and was happily sawing […]

The Time My Brother Almost Lost His Mind Buying a New Cellphone

Galaxy S5 Sport_red

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport. I received a sample device to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.” My brother’s cellphone broke, and because I am the best sister in the history of sisters (he’s on board […]

The “F” Word

Feminist shouldn’t carry the negative connotation that it does. Thankfully, Taylor Swift has seen the light, and now all is right in the world.

Being a Grown-Up Is Hard

You guys, I’m drowning. This summer has been all kinds of wonderful, but it has also been all kinds of busy. You see, I like to overload myself with responsibilities and then complain about them. Normally, I enjoy coupling a new, huge undertaking with the birth of a child: 2009, birth of first child: While […]

Does This Confidence Make My Butt Look Big? confidence in my post-baby body

The fam and I made our annual trek to the beach last week, and the weather, unlike last year’s chilly and windy BS, was glorious. The kids had a blast splashing in the surf, digging to China, and eating snacks covered in sand. The grown-ups enjoyed a few too many adult beverages and laughed until our […]

Boogie Wipes Giveaway!

Hey, you. Yeah, YOU! Wanna win MORE free back-to-school stuff? Then you’ve come to the right place. In celebration of Great Grape Boogie Wipes, I’m teaming up with Boogie Wipes to offer the Great Grape Summer Giveaway!

Oversharing: When Tampons Go Missing

OversharingPresents_Cloudy With a Chance of Wine

If this post looks familiar, that’s because I’m re-publishing it to get us back in the spirit of Oversharing. School’s in session, boys and girls. If you’re new ’round these parts, my Oversharing: I Ain’t Scarrred series is basically where we all disclose our most private, horrifying moments with complete strangers. And we laugh and laugh because […]

Back-to-School Giveaway For Kids and Moms!

In less than a month, it’s alarm-setting time. It’s rushing out the door time. It’s back to school time. You’re either all, “yay!” or “boo!” It depends on how your summer is going; if the kids have been whining that they’re bored and you’re still digging sand out of your bits from vacation, you may be ready […]

This Is Gosser Hill

When neighborhoods were our village...

If you’re lucky, you grew up in a small town like I did. Friends from the top of the hill, the whole way down to the alley, sprinkled with some crotchety old folks in between. Quad rides to a place aptly nicknamed the Toilet Bowl in the fall, flying down Kepple’s Hill on a sled in […]

I Wanna Feel Done

8 years

Yesterday, the husband and I celebrated 8 years of wedded bliss. Every July 29, I bug him to pose for The Anniversary Picture that proves we still like each other:   In years past, we’ve held a sign that reads how many years we’ve been married, but 2014 worked out that the ages of the older kids (5 […]