March 26, 2015: Today I Am Drowning In Parenthood

Today was a bad day. And that's OK.

The 5-year-old is arguing because he is right and I am wrong. The 3-year-old is whining because something, anything, didn’t go her way. The baby is screaming because she no longer fits in my uterus. The dogs are so sick of the noise that they’ve disappeared upstairs, not even to emerge to bark at the mail truck. Today the […]

Great Expectations for a Little Reciprocity


A couple of weeks ago, my piece We’re Expecting! No One Cares was featured on Mamapedia. I was saddened by how many other mothers have experienced the “Meh” reaction to their pregnancies, but I was more emotional about the comments that said I shouldn’t expect others to be excited just because I was. This isn’t […]

There Are So Many Morons

That Guy is a bad guy to be

Having worked with the public since I was 16, I like to think I’m a people person. It doesn’t mean I actually like them; it just means I know them. I’ve encountered and taken orders from various men and women courtesy of a plethora of part-time jobs and alllll my different teaching assignments. Through so many positions, working with so many […]

GB Asana35 AP Review

Carseat review_GB Asana35AP

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for GB. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation.”   Hey, know what’s fun? When your husband accidentally backs over important stuff. Like your baby’s stroller. Your chubby-thighed, full o’ rolls, can’t carry her through the […]

Do You Belong On Facebook? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Do you behave badly on social media? Are you a TROLL?! Take this quiz and find out!

The way people conduct themselves online never ceases to amaze me. From the Know It All to Negative Nancy, my computer is jam packed with people who have no idea how to behave on social media. I’ve been fortunate enough to grow my Facebook page over the past few years, but with the increasing numbers come the […]

What Pinterest Won’t Show You: How to REALLY Recycle Baby Wipe Bins

WCME_recycled baby wipe bins

Don’t you just love Pinterest?! Shut up. Pinterest makes me feel inferior. All those homemade birthday party decorations and thoughtful gifts whittled from mighty oak trees can bite me. Why make it yourself when you can buy it?! We don’t have three Dollar Generals within a four mile radius ‘round these parts for nothin’! When I change […]

Got Light?


Most little kids are afraid of the dark, and my three-year-old is no exception. Rather than walk into a dimly lit room by herself, she calls for help the way a normal person would shriek if on fire or being eaten alive by carpenter ants. Toddlers, they’re like that. As a child, I distinctly remember lying in […]

And They Shall Call Me Master

Woman starting math teaching business

Before I swapped my Italian last name for a Polish one, I was working on my Masters degree. Before, during, and after I gave birth to my first beautiful baby, I was working on my Masters degree. And I worked and worked and worked some more, then I got pregnant with my second beautiful baby and […]

Don’t Worry Kids, That’s Just My Gallbladder Exploding.

Is your gallbladder exploding?

Before I traded in my day job for three rug rats and a computer, I used to function as a public member of society; as in, I wore pants to work as a high school English teacher. One day at my pants-required job, my gallbladder almost exploded. All teachers have those horrifyingly embarrassing moments in the […]

I Think My Preschooler Was a Stoner in a Former Life

5 ways my kid reminds me of a stoner

Some call him an old soul because of his wise eyes and affinity for classic rock. Others, namely Grandparents, call him “brilliant, advanced, perfect.” His sisters just call him silly. My 5-year-old is definitely something special (says every mom ever), and while I agree with some the above descriptions, another comes to mind every time he requests […]

I Wanna Feel Done

I miss being pregnant. Even THAT pregnant.

July 2014 marked 8 years of wedded bliss for me and the husband. Every July 29, I force him to pose for The Anniversary Picture that proves we still like each other:   In years past, we’ve held a sign that reads how many years we’ve been married (thank you, Pinterest), but 2014 worked out that the ages of our […]

10 Signs That My Frat Party Days Are Over

Frat party days

Winter is long–so long–’round these parts, and as kids do, parents tend to come down with a case of cabin fever, too. In an effort to combat the elements and serve Mother Nature the junk punch she deserves, a bunch of us 30-somethings intent on reliving our glory days took to a friend’s house to christen his new […]

Don’t Let Your Kid Become An Arrogant A-hole

Instilling Confidence, Not Arrogance

I like to break a mental sweat every now and then (–White Goodman, Dodgeball), so when I read that my gal Stephanie Sprenger over at Mommy, For Real, along with Jessica of School of Smock, Sarah of Left Brain Buddha, Deb of Urban Moo Cow, and Lauren of Omnimom were doing this Around the World in Six Weeks Parenting Blog Carnival thang, I […]

Thinking About Teaching Online? Read This First!

Thinking of the leaving the traditional classroom? Consider these pros and cons before you decide!

When I started talking about the decision to leave the traditional classroom and teach online, so many ears perked up, and the questions came pouring in. That makes me think: There are more people like me who want to work in their sweatpants, and to that I say AMEN. Are we finally figuring out how […]

Spring Is In the Air! And I Hate It.

The Coach's Wife: Surviving the Season

Before you throw me beneath that mountain of snow you’ve repeatedly been shoveling from your walk to your yard, hear me out. With spring comes baseball season, and while I love me some baseball, and look forward to following our beloved Pittsburgh Pirates with the crazy obsessed baseball fans I call my family, this time of the […]

We’re a Cartoon!

Bites of Food

Since they could speak, I’ve been keeping track of the funny things that come spilling out of my kids’ mouths. Whether it’s on my Facebook page or here on the blog, I’ve done my best to document the hilarity. When writer and cartoonist Adrienne Hedger reached out and asked to turn my Conversations with a Toddler into cartoons, […]

Pittsburgh’s Inaugural Listen To Your Mother Cast!

LTYM megaphone

Most of the writers I know pour over their words like a surgeon about to open up a heart; our writing means that much to us. Which is why it’s not always easy to press publish or, scarier yet, share our word babies with three strange ladies who are staring at you, probably swiping at the tears […]

Helpful Tips to Live on Less

Helpful Tips to Live on Less

When I traded my traditional classroom for a virtual one, I was soooo excited! I was trendy–for the first time in my life–working from home! Oh, I was also excited to be home with the kids. Blah blah… Mostly, though, I was all what’s up hipsters on your laptops at Starbucks?! Except that Starbucks is expensive, yo. And […]

Catholics, Let’s Be Bucket Fillers

Bucket fillers

You may remember I had some beef with my priest a while back. Beef is putting it mildly. Shortly after that episode, I wanted to go to a different church, which was sad because that’s the church we had been married in, had our children baptized in, and generally felt welcome in. But I tend to […]

Oversharing: On Sex, Romance and Saggy Mom Boobs


Largely pregnant and about to burst with my third child, I received a phone call that made me squee, pee, and repeat. Ms. Erin MacPherson was on the other line, inquiring if I would like to be a freelance writer for We Are Teachers. As I am a teacher, also a writer, the offer was […]