Reading Saves Lives


I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I would pretend I could read long before I knew how to string letters together to create those magical words. One of my parents’ favorite pictures is of a potty-training me sitting atop my plastic throne perusing a book I clutched upside down in […]

You Stink. Let Me Help! (A friendly giveaway)

Febreze Giveaway

Back to School is here, yo! Where did summer go? I think I rhyme when I’m nervous.   It’s no secret my main man is starting Kindergarten this fall, and I may be spiking my coffee with Kahlua for a little liquid courage to keep it together while waving at the departing bus. With our official beginning to elementary […]

Kiss and Go

When goodbyes are difficult, kiss & go is best.

At my son’s Kindergarten orientation, the principal put a name to the thing I’ve reluctantly been doing for the past three years: in order for my kid to be successful in independent endeavors, I’ve had no choice but to kiss and go. I don’t like the quick embrace and the quicker release; I would love to […]

When Your Kid Drops An F-Bomb

young boy with hand over mouth

He danced in the fresh air, arms stretched upward to the spring sunshine, elated to be outdoors with his favorite person: me. My four-year-old relished our one-on-one time; when his younger sister napped, he got Mom all to himself. And on this day, he requested we head outside for a game of cornhole. Well-versed in tailgate games (*parents of the […]

Get Your Read On! FOR FREE!

Let all these great reads

Hey, want a bunch of new books on someone else’s dime? Free stuff! Now I’ve got your attention, huh? I’ve teamed up with a bunch of my blogging buddies and asked the question: what book would you recommend for a last-blast at summer reading? What book would you love to share with others? Every month, […]

Oversharing. I Naired My Face: A Cautionary Tale

Waxing Woes

You may remember Amanda from her last guest post whereupon she shared her “little” story with us. Teehee. Little. Aaaanyway, she’s back today with another Oversharing that is bound to have you clutching your chinny chin chin hairs in horror. Read with caution. You have been warned. ********** It’s an ordinary day. And like any other […]

Don’t Monday Morning Quarterback Me

Don't judge

There are days that feel like the big game is resting squarely on my sore shoulders. I’m the quarterback, the clock is running out, and gigantic dudes who get paid to lay me out are snarling threats inches from my face. Yet the job requires a cool head and clear thought process if I’m going to be anything that resembles successful. […]

And I Was So Excited When They Learned To Talk…

Kids say the darn--forget it. Let's be real--they're humiliating.

It’s not that I set out to intentionally make those around me uncomfortable. I just do it. The problem has been pinpointed (I’ve no filter and say what others only think) and named: I believe the textbook term is Verbal Diarrhea. I’ve learned to live with VD (teehee) and make adjustments when necessary, namely, not speak in public. […]

What I’ve Learned About Fiverr

Fiverr review

A few days ago, I received an email from a nice gentleman named Mark. He was inquiring about my writing services and, being a freelance writer and a blog owner, I didn’t see anything unusual about his message. Then he referenced my Fiverr account and I was all what the whaaaa? I had never heard […]

Epic January

Dystopian Literature Unit

My first teaching gig was my absolute favorite. It was challenging and I went home in tears some days, but anything worth doing makes you cry, right?   Just pretend.   Though it has been longer than I’d care to admit since I was a Valley Viking, my relationships with former colleagues have endured the years. […]

When Panty Lines Attack

Panty Lines

Today is my anniversary, which means on this day 9 years ago, I had to cut my mom’s panties off of her. My parents had graciously turned their house into a hotel/salon for the gals in my wedding party. It was the morning of my I Do Day, and all of us were getting glammed up. The make-up artist was […]

The Tale of One Woman’s Tramp Stamp


Loan me your brain for a minute; we’re gettin’ all philosophical up in herrr:   Which came first: the chicken or the egg? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Would The Kardashians still be a show if Kim hadn’t gotten freaky […]

Oversharing: I Peed My Pants At Wal-Mart and Other Tales of Mommy Incontinence

Moms, we've all been there. Some of us were just in Walmart...#humor

“If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.” –Old Farm Lady on Billy Madison I heart Sarah because she regularly Overshares on her blog The Sadder But Wiser Girl, which is where today’s post was first published. Sarah’s inability to control her bladder and her willingness to then write about it make her […]

To My Baby Brother, On His 30th Birthday


Hellooooo, Michael! You keep telling me to stop writing about my lady bits and kids, and instead write about you because, like a typical man, you enjoy being fussed over. So, here it is. Your very own post on your very special day. The day you don’t want to celebrate but I’m making a huge […]

You Can’t Live Up To the Hype So Stop Trying

All that parenting advice making you feel inadequate? Here's some real advice: you'll be a better parent when you lower your standards!

5 Ways to Stop Yelling At Your Kids!
Cherish Every Moment!
Make Her Birthday the BEST EVER!

We’ll never live up to the parenting articles, so let’s stop trying.

Summer Makes Me Fat

4 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Healthy

It’s pretty unfair that swimsuit season coincides with BEER ME season. What is it about the warm weather that begs for imbibing? There’s nothing I enjoy more than being outside with our neighbors, laughing and chatting over a few cold Blue Moons, watching as a slew of kids run circles around us. I always put an orange wedge […]

Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard

The cold air lifted and the clouds parted, casting a warm glow of sunshine on the new blossoms below. I drove down the familiar road to find that with the bitter snows, a neighbor’s Brittany Spaniel had also disappeared. His dog house was boarded up and his spot in the yard vacant. Maybe the long […]

One to Two Almost Killed Us

Going from 1 to 2 kids almost broke us, but the battle scars serve as reminders to be patient and kind with each other.

Many parents say the transition from none to one was the hardest, but I maintain going from one to two kids is the biggest game changer. Everyone is so excited for that first kid! Grandparents crawl out of the woodwork to hold him, there is no shortage of babysitters; neighbors you barely talk to bring […]

Be That Match

10 of the best ways to motivate middle and high school students

All teachers have had those students who can learn but simply choose not to. We’ve witnessed wasted beautiful minds, nonchalance of talent, and the refusal of effort. ​It is absolutely maddening; those students have the ability, but for whatever reason, their fire hasn’t been ignited. As educators, we long to be that incendiary match, but it’s much easier […]

Why Every Husband & Father Should See Pixar’s Inside Out

Fantastic family movie, especially for those who struggle with emotions!

Pixar’s animated movie Inside Out made my husband a better father. Truth!