Oversharing: Gifting Porn To My Dad


I once colored a picture of crabs carrying sand buckets, wrote a caption underneath it, “Now I have crabs, too!” and gifted it to my dad. Because of his t-shirt, “I got crabs in Ocean City, Maryland,” I knew he would just LOVE my picture. Problem was, he didn’t realize I was too young to know […]

Oversharing. I Naired My Face: A Cautionary Tale

You may remember Amanda from her last guest post whereupon she shared her “little” story with us. Teehee. Little. Aaaanyway, she’s back today with another Oversharing that is bound to have you clutching your chinny chin chin hairs in horror. Read with caution. You have been warned. ********** It’s an ordinary day. And like any other […]

No More Empty Freezers

Recently, I shared a picture of our almost-empty freezer on my Facebook page, citing LMLP (Long Month, Late Pay) as the culprit for its sparse contents. I initially meant it to be a joke, and captioned it with “Cereal for dinner!” But what happened next wasn’t funny. So many of my readers admitted that they struggle, much […]

It’s Your Birthday, Husband!


Hiya, honey! Yesterday was technically the big 3-6 for you, but I had to publish a sponsored post, and since you like saving money and stuff, I figured you wouldn’t mind. Having said that, I do want to officially wish you a happy birthday. And it’s not official until it’s on the blog. Obviously. You […]

Finding Balance at the MomCon in Pittsburgh

Women have a lot on their plates, and I’m not just talking about my soon-to-be birthday plate that had better be overflowing with lasagna, cake, and ice cream. I’m basically the human version of Garfield the Cat. Anyway, no, I’m talking about our proverbial plates that are piled so high with responsibility and worry that we […]

Shopping with Kids: One Mother’s Victory

Ross Dress for Less Brave canvas

I love shopping. LOVE. IT. I do not love shopping with my kids. DO. NOT. Children can’t appreciate the beauty of purchasing new shoes; they much prefer to put the beautiful, knee-high, leather (okay, fake leather, #broke) boots on their arms and pretend they’re monsters. Nor do these small humans understand a woman’s innate need for quiet […]

Oversharing: The Chicken Cutlets

Oversharing_Big Top Family

I’m not a fan of fantasy or sci-fi for the very reason that I suck at suspending my disbelief; I just can’t get with fairies or spaceships or what have you. That said, The Hunger Games is my shiz, so you explain that one. The point I’m trying to make is that I find reality provides […]

If Toddlers Chose Their Own Consequences

7 Consequences for Toddlers

  The concept of time Cause and effect Putting on one’s shoes   These are some of the abstract ideas that completely elude toddlers. It can be maddening trying to reason with their pint-size persistence, and despite very clear explanations, they tend to miss the mark like their preschool counterparts miss the toilet: completely.   3y/o: […]

Suburban Haiku, A Giveaway, & Love At First Syllable

Layout 1

Those who say so much yet speak so few words have always earned my admiration. These people are like walking, talking Twitter feeds: zeroing in on only the essentials and then leaving you alone with your thoughts to mull over the information in the comfort of your own brain. Take my husband for example: his gift […]

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost! But Common Core Math Is Another Story…

Common Core Nightmare

My brother can’t hold his sugar. His beer is one thing, but sweets? Not so much. I’ll never forget the Halloween that ended in his night terror that woke the whole house. He was shrieking at the top of his lungs that a Snickers bar with a knife was chasing him. He was screaming and sweating, and […]

Oversharing: Double D Disaster — A Bra Shopping Tale of Woe

OverSHARING_Sparkly Shoes

My children have basically ruined my breasts. Once perky and full, they are now sad, deflated balloons found shriveled and embarrassed behind the couch a month after the party: they tried to remain afloat, but gravity and grubby hands got the best of them and finally brought them to their demise. All this to say I […]

Giveaway: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Built To Amaze!

This guy is pumped.

I’m making plans for you and your family. Ready? On November 5th or 6th–you pick, I’m not that bossy–you’ll be heading to the CONSOL Energy Center to witness the greatest show on earth. That’s not hyperbole, either; it’s trademarked and stuff. If you’ve no idea what the CONSOL is, you’re probably not from Pittsburgh, and that means I […]

Oversharing: From the Mouths of Babes

Oversharing_All The Little Pieces

We all have that one facial feature we’d like to change, or a body qualm that, try as we might, we just can’t come to terms with. Some of us, like myself, would like to decrease the amount of junk in her trunk. Others would rather–ahem–augment. Today’s Oversharer is no different; Amanda dreams of the day […]

Meet My Friend Nelle

october promo (1)

There are more of me, you know. More crazy ladies who are sick of pumping their kids full of over the counter medicine every cold and flu season, dousing their little hands in alcohol-laden sanitizers and soaps. There are other women trying to do the all-natural thing without losing semblance of and appreciation for modern science […]

My New Mantra


“I participated in Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Baby Mantra. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”   In 2009, I gave birth to the child with the most sensitive skin EVAH. He had beautiful, porcelain skin, easily ravaged by sun, wind, […]

Oversharing: You May Remember Me From Walmart


When I started blogging, I stumbled upon a little corner of the interwebs called Bad Parenting Moments. From the name, I thought I was in for a dose of Pinterest fail-y stuffs and a fellow mom’s admission that imperfection is the thread which holds her days together, too. Power in numbers, people. Anyway, I couldn’t have […]

10 Signs That My Frat Party Days Are Over

Frat party days

Over the weekend, a bunch of 30-somethings intent on reliving our glory days took to a friend’s basement to christen his new bar. We had ourselves a barwarming party, if you will. It was Parents’ Night Out. Weeeee! Even when I was in high school a legal 21-year-old, I couldn’t hold my liquor. A few drinks and I’d […]

And I Was So Excited When They Learned To Talk…

Kids say the darn--forget it. Let's be real--they're humiliating.

Fairly well-versed in humiliating myself, usually via foot in mouth, I’m no stranger to embarrassment. At least, I think that’s what it’s called. It’s second-nature to me at this point so I barely notice when I’ve said something…inappropriate? Unwelcome? Off. Yes, let’s just call it “off.” It’s not that I set out to intentionally make those […]

Oversharing: Parisian Laser Hair Removal


We’re baaaaaack! I know you’ve been all, “Where has that hilarious weekly Oversharing series been?” and you haven’t been able to sleep for lack of entertaining tales o’ lady bits, explosive bathroom mishaps, and foul words spewing out at the most inopportune times. Well, have no fear, loyal Oversharers, we’re back in action and the fun starts […]

Need Frozen Halloween Costumes? Kandoo!

Halloween is nearly here, and I’m teaming up with Kandoo and some of my favorite bloggers on Instagram to co-host an epic Frozen Halloween costume giveaway. Do your kids love Halloween? Are they obsessed with Frozen? We’re giving away three Frozen Halloween costumes and a $100 Amazon Gift card! Enter Now! Complete the form below […]