Countdown to Christmas: 25 Fun Ways to Ring in the Season


Christmas seems to fly by faster and faster, and this year, I’m putting my foot down. I called the Farmer’s Almanac and insisted they add days to the month of December, and they were all, “Lady, that’s not what we do.” Whatever. Since I can’t extend the season, I will make the most of every […]

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself


It was about 2am, and I was in the middle of one of those dreams so vivid you swear it’s real life. Surround sound, bright colors, and voices so clear and articulate you wake up looking for the people who were just in your brain. The best part of that kind of dreaming is suspending reality […]

Here We Go Again!

Giving motherhood in a microphone in Pittsburgh, PA. Audition and performance date information now available! Write an original piece on Motherhood and share your story with us!

I earned my superhero cape when I became a mom. So did you. Anything that requires so little sleep and so much wiping of another’s stinky butt with a smile automatically drapes a gal in silky Super Girlness. If Motherhood gives us the cape, Listen To Your Mother gives us the powers. Bringing Listen To Your Mother to Pittsburgh allowed local men and […]

Don’t Monday Morning Quarterback Me

Don't judge

There are days that feel like the big game is resting squarely on my sore shoulders. I’m the quarterback, the clock is running out, and gigantic dudes who get paid to lay me out are snarling threats inches from my face. Yet the job requires a cool head and clear thought process if I’m going to be anything that resembles successful. […]

Nuggets of Parenting Wisdom That Make Me Look Like I Know What I’m Doing

Quick and memorable responses to your kids' whining, ungrateful hearts, and more. It's called concise advice for a reason! Excellent parenting tools!

Brevity is not my strong suit. As I mentally search for the ONE WORD that means everything I’ve been trying to say for the past ten minutes, I end up blabbering my way to the point. It’s usually then that my husband sweeps in, sums up my ramblings with beautiful succinctness, and leaves me feeling all hot and […]

It’s Your Birthday, Husband!


Dear husband, I wrote this for your 36th birthday, was too lazy to write something new, but wanted the world to re-read the 36 reasons you’re a rock star. I love us. In no particular order, I give you:   1. You don’t get mad when I forget to refill the dog food bin and […]

Keep Your Car Clean…Even With the Kids Inside!

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Car Clean

I don’t know about you, but my husband and I sincerely underestimated our kids’ potential for creating messes. No one told us sweet peas double as face paint, or that a small mound of dirt, when mixed with mere drips from a sippy cup, could mix up a spa-like mud bath for two-year-old. In short: kids are crazy messy, […]

I’m Grateful, But I’m Not Sorry

Many hands together: group of people joining hands

I used to be one. A chronic apologizer. I hadn’t noticed how often I uttered the words I’m sorry until a friend called me on it: “Why do you always say you’re sorry?! Haven’t the women who came before us apologized enough?” Huh. So I stopped. And you know what I realized? My “I’m sorry’s” were more filler […]

If You’re Gonna Spew, Spew Into This…

Battling car sickness? These tips will keep you feeling better...and your car cleaner!

There are few things worse than vomit remnants stuck precariously in carseat crevices. I once used dozens of Q-tips to thoroughly clean the various nooks and crannies of my son’s 5-point harness seat after he, the Olive Garden, and a long drive home came to blows. Are you sufficiently grossed out? I am. We’ve learned what trigges […]

Five Years Ago

Gram and Me

Thirty-three years ago, I was the first grandchild, the favorite. You actually called me Number One which made me wonder if you were just trying to remember the birth order of your grandkids or if I was, truly, Number One. I think we both know the answer. *wink wink* Seventeen years ago, I got my […]

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost! But Common Core Math Is Another Story…

Common Core Nightmare

My brother can’t hold his sugar. His beer is one thing, but sweets? Not so much. I’ll never forget the Halloween that ended in his night terror that woke the whole house. He was shrieking at the top of his lungs that a Snickers bar with a knife was chasing him. He was screaming and sweating, and […]


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This post was sponsored by PINCHme as part of a Blog Blast Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review   Any time I’m on the hunt for something new, I comb through online reviews to help me decide how to spend my money. With so much of my shopping being done in […]

I Hate Halloween, But…

10 spooktacular and affordable Halloween events in and around the Pittsburgh area

I’ve never been excited about putting on a mask and trying to scare someone. Or, more specifically, someone putting on a mask and trying to scare ME. The mere mention of clowns is enough to send me into a tizzy (I’m a treat at the circus), and I don’t do well with horror movies. I’d […]

Do You Know What Dexing Is?

Skittling. Dexing. It's all medicine abuse.

She had a lot of friends, guys thought she was pretty. She earned good grades which kept her parents off her back, and like most other 16-year-old’s, was looking forward to the day Dad handed over the keys to the Toyota with a “be careful” and a smile. She wasn’t thinking about college yet; that was […]

#NannyNoseBest (teehee!)

NannyNoseBEst Giveaway Image

I like you and I want you to have free stuff. Complete the form below to share the Boogie Wipes video with your friends, and enter to win a year’s supply of Boogie Wipes plus a $100 Target gift card. (If the form is not appearing, click here to enter.) NOTE: To find the URL […]

Jesus Take the Wheel

Yield to stupid

Have you ever wondered how some people are legally permitted to function amongst the rest of us? I have. Often. And every day, I am impressed by the mounting stupidity that surrounds me. From the a-hole in line at the grocery store who sighs dramatically at having to wait her turn (seriously, go to the self-check-out and shut […]

Fall Fun in Western PA


Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, and with Western Pennsylvania’s beautiful colors, crisp air, and countless kids’ activities, it’s not hard to see why I’m crazy about this season. From horse-drawn hayrides through bountiful pumpkin patches to the giggle-inciting navigation of a corn maze, autumn always finds my family on the go. With […]

The New Face of Romance

The New Face of Romance

My face gently cupped by his strong hands, our eyes met, and I felt it: I would marry this man. We were inseparable for years, and when everyone said college would become the wedge to eventually part us, we laughed at them for not understanding our love. OUR LOVE was different. OUR LOVE was unlike any other. Then the […]

We All Survived


On Friday night, I babysat four kids under the age of four in order to give my best friend a much-deserved night out. Since two of the kiddos were mine, I was feeling confident I could manage. No, I was not drunk. I’m just a good friend. After a successful dinner, the older kids were […]

Maternalosis Degenerative Progression Syndrome: Reversing the Effects of Mom Years

Mom Years (1)

We’re all familiar with the unfortunate nature by which dogs age, adding seven years at a time rather than the normal one people-year. Except, I don’t know many people beyond the age of five who are truly only aging annually; between throwing down too many processed foods, constant exposure to environmental risks, countless bad choices, […]