Oversharing: A Relaxing Night in My House…

Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyholic is here today Oversharing a cautionary tale: quiet kids means a crazy house. Take it away, Janine!


On any given night, you never know what you are going to get in my house of craziness.  See with two little girls who are 16 months apart, the comments and activities can be quite insane and very often make me want to not only shake my head, but also just laugh my ass off!
One night recently, I was actually having a few quiet minutes to myself.  You know in a house of 4 people, this is a rare occurrence, but also when it is too quiet, you just know the little people are up to no good!
So, here I was finally sitting down for a few minutes after my long day.  Where was my husband?  In the living room, also vegging out a bit.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what he was watching, but definitely not something I would want to watch.  He usually watches Discovery Channel or something equally as enthralling (not!).
Where were my kids during this, you may be asking.  Well my kids were apparently in the bathroom.  I honestly assumed (wrong assumption by the way) that they were using the bathroom and then just washing their hands.  And as my grandfather said, “Never assume, you probably will make an ass out of you and me!”  Well, he was right, but no worries I am getting to that!
My girls were only in there for a few minutes when my husband called into me that they had been in there for some time and  wanted to know what they were doing.  Of course he wasn’t getting up to check!  I mean really, that entails walking a few short feet and getting off his lazy butt (being a guy apparently entitles you to do this!).
So I leave the land of relaxation, because it apparently wasn’t my time nor my place to even think I would be able to stay for awhile!!  And I went in our bathroom to indeed check on them.
What did I find?  Well, I found both my girls in there.  But I found Lily (my younger daughter) completely naked.  Yes, you read that correctly.
When asked why, she told me (pointing to her clothes in a nice pile), “They are all wet from playing in the water!”
Yup, washing her hands meant playing in the sink water and soaking her clothes, leaving a lake on my floor and soaking my bathroom towel!!
I guess I should be thankful that it was sink water and not toilet water, or urine (or anything worse). I suppose I had that coming by thinking I could take a few minutes to myself.
So much for a relaxing, quiet time!
Janine was a certified professional teacher, who now happens to be a wife and mother, who is also currently a stay at home mom to her two beautiful, yet energetic little girls.  Sometimes life can get crazy and hectic, but still she tries to keep things in perspective by doing all she can to make the day hopefully a little brighter. You can read more of her girls’ antics on her blog HERE.



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  1. Thanks again Stephanie for allowing me to overshare a bit of my craziness here with all today!! :)

  2. Totally grateful that it was sink water and not toilet water, because I’ve been there!

  3. lol

    …immediately comes to mind, olden days movie…classic scene,

    ‘it’s quiet’
    ‘…yeah, almost *too* quiet’

    enjoyed the Post

  4. I learned that rule of thumb early on — that if it’s too quiet in the house, someone is up to no good! Glad it was just water this time. :)

  5. At the risk of sounding like a bloghole, I have to tell you that I COMPLETELY understand, because I have blogged similarly, except in my case it was the toddler in the kitchen with a toy broom and the dog’s water bowl. And I bet we’re not the only ones. Maybe we should make those little Clue game cards and do a link up – it was the _____-year-old, in the ________ room, with the ________.

    • Janine Huldie says:

      Thanks Arielle and sounds like a game I could play and possibly win. Also agree that many moms of small kids could probably relate well to this!! :)

  6. Yep, been there, done that. Our 2 year old never played in the toilet water for some reason, but the 11 month old thinks it’s just a mini swimming pool, so the toddler now thinks it’s pretty cool as well. So I walk in there, all the toilet paper is off the roll, half of it is soaking wet. The baby’s hair is completely wet and they’re both laughing hysterically. Ah, good times. :)

  7. OH so many times I can’t COUNT!!! Never trust quiet kids. NEVER!! SO relieved it wasn’t anything worse!! I seriously expected paint all over the walls or something… ;)

  8. What is it about kids and water when nobody is looking? Sink water, toilet water, dog bowl water……gotta love it!! Cute post.

  9. How did I miss this yesterday? Oh right, I was at the eye doctor and missed a lot of things!

    I use that phrase all the time (the one about assuming.) Oh I had visions of it being much, much worse, thank goodness it was just water from the sink! Oh those little stinkers!

    This is one of those stories where the comments make it even more funny! Love it! I think we should play the game Arielle suggested!

  10. Oh Janine! Silence always equals BAD, VERY VERY BAD! You’re right, though, it could have been MUCH worse!
    P.S. Could I love the new look any more, Steph? I think not. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! So jealous!


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