Once Upon A Time, I Was a Step Team Coach

One regret that lingers from my high school days is that I didn’t embarrass myself more often. Not, like, slip on spilled milk in the cafeteria and fall on my face embarrass. But the kind of invigorating embarrassment that comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone. Of taking a risk. Of allowing all inhibitions to fall by the wayside, leaving you metaphorically, because otherwise it’s illegal, naked. I’m tone-deaf, but so what? I could have at least tried to rock out a school musical. I’m 5’1 and can’t dribble, but I should’ve played in the student vs. faculty basketball game.

In 2003, I switched roles from student to teacher and landed my first teaching gig. I challenged myself to compromise that precious reputation I had guarded and coddled like a newborn baby in high school, and take a chance. I was determined to stick my neck out in the name of new experiences. So when one of my students asked if I would help put together a step team, I Googled “what is a step team?”, pretended I knew all along, and said YES.

Aside from accepting a diamond ring from my husband, that “yes” was the best decision I’ve ever made. Click HERE to be magically transported to the story about the time I stomped and clapped and got funky like only a white, middle class, 23-year-old lady can.


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  1. What a sweet story! I couldn’t figure out how to comment over there, but that was really cute. And now I MUST see your stepping skills!

  2. Oh, wow, how beautiful! I’ve said it before, but what a world of difference a good teacher like you can make. I’m with Jen….we need video!

  3. Are you even going to believe this? SO DID I! Yes, Step Team Coach all the way over here! Headed over and cheering you on always–whatever steps you take!

  4. Okay, so I tried. I really, really did, but I simply can’t figure out how to comment. BEAUTIFUL story and go you for stepping out of your comfort zone–in more ways than one. xo

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