The Watch

When I was younger and would close my eyes to envision My superficial Perfect Man, he was always wearing a watch. Not a Timex, pleather-banded watch, but a links-in-the-band, impressive face with Roman Numerals, maybe exposed gears kind of watch.

Why a watch? No idea. I don’t even like numbers. And in the summertime, I refuse to wear or look at a watch. I rather enjoy losing track of the days of the week come July, thankyouverymuch.

Anyhoo, maybe it’s because a watch symbolizes intelligence or responsibility or the idea that somewhere at some point, this person has somewhere to be. That’s hot, right?

Shut up.

It’s not like I only visualized my man wearing a watch. Although, come to think of it, that is hot. But no, my perfect male specimen was also boasting a linen shirt buttoned only half-way, with baggy drawstring pants and, of course, all of this sexy was situated barefoot in the sand in front of a calm surf with the setting sun blazing behind him.

Again I ask that you kindly shut up.

I’m lame and clichéd and I know it. I never liked the TV show Miami Vice, in case you were inclined to ask.

Yet, through the years, the image of the watch has remained. Still love me a man with a nice wrist piece.

And guess who’s wearing a watch these days, folks?

This guy:


Brady and watch for blog


And that’s not all. He asked me to put on…

…one moment, please; I have to gather myself…

Sports Center.

What the WHAT?! Sports Center? What happened to Bob the Builder or Handy Manny or other cartoon character carpenters? Now what he craves is football. Basketball. Golf. Any sport. I wasn’t prepared for this. This isn’t supposed to happen until I’M ready. And am I ready? I’ve got raging pregnant hormones that say NO, YOU SONS OF BITCHES, I AM NOT READY.

Yet there he is, in his watch, asking questions about first downs and penalty flags.

What’s next? Will he start adding Ax Body Spray to the grocery list? Start carrying a wallet?! I can’t take it.

My only solace is that while he’s donning that watch and memorizing team names, he only wants one person beside him.


This was two years ago. What of it? Waaaaa...

This was two years ago. What of it? Waaaaa…

And we’re safe for a little while longer.



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  1. Jumpin' Jack Flash says:

    My little pal says, “it is now 12:59 in California.”

  2. Oh no that is soooo wrong to preggo mama! He’s got to learn not to upset a pregnant woman. Good time to reinforce that teachable moment!!

  3. Could he be cuter with that watch? I think not.

  4. Awww too cute!

  5. Awww, this was sweet (and funny). I have two boys that are growing up way too fast these days so I can relate! My 6yo sits and watches football with his daddy. He seems so grown up when he does that. And a watch…definitely Big Boy!!

  6. How sweet! I am the only mom in the world, I think, who wants her boys to get older. They’re so much easier at 3 than they are at 1. :)

    • You’re definitely not alone in that thinking, Shay, but my little guy is 4.5 and I want time to stop for a bit at this age for him. He’s independent enough but just the right amount of dependent to still want to snuggle ;)

  7. Oh … I remember when my Boy wanted a watch. I felt like he acted differently with it on. He grew up a bit and seemed to want deodorant with it. Egads! (Yes, I just quoted the Count.)

  8. So cute! I love when my Kindergartners wear watches to school. They always grow up by about 10 years when they wear them.

  9. Love this! Love the pic of him with his arm thrown over the cushion takin’ a pull from his drink. Don’t blink. If you do it’ll be a beer bottle. :O

  10. Look at that big man! My boy carries a wallet, although it’s got Twilight Sparkle on it, and it’s much too big for his tiny pocket…

  11. Aw, sweet! How adorable is your little man? And you know what? I was just thinking that I wished my hubby wore a watch. Because it’s true- watches are sexy. Not on kids, I mean… you know… gah.

  12. Oh I love this! What a cutie, and yes, so with you on the man in a watch thing! And I didn’t know you were nominated–perfect and so, so well earned. Cheering you on, mama!

  13. OMG he is pretty cute, though. I agree, though, they should have to ask their MOMS before doing grown up(ish) stuff. I mean, sure, I don’t want to wipes bums anymore, but SportsCenter!? Too much!

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