Project Optimism, Interrupted

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Optimism to bring you…





And if spring doesn’t spring, like, tomorrow, I will also bring you this…


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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA! These pictures are awesome. I am so done with this weather, too. Fortunately, we’re in for some decent weather this week, but I’m not stupid enough to think Winter is over yet.

    (“snotsicles” made me laugh!)

  2. Lol. We are expecting snow today. (Looks out window.) Oh, there it is. At least you guys got to play a little. I hope it’s the last one too.

  3. Well, this is ALL the pick-me I need for today! Those photos are plenty cute! If my little guy was alongside of your baby girl, his snot would be frozen too. Now, that we’re talking about “snotsicles,” maybe frozen boogers are better than runny drippy ones? ;)

  4. haha!!! Love these pictures! Did you make up the term “snotsicles”? If you did, you need to patent that or at least send it to Webster’s!

  5. Oh please do bring me all of that and then some!! Seriously, so with you on where in the hell is Spring!!!

  6. I hate it when it’s so cold that the boogers in my nose freeze. YES that’s actually happened to me! Fortunately, it’s not that cold here, but I too am ready for Spring!

  7. I couldn’t agree more . . . and I’m pretty sure if you break into anything that remotely resembles that last picture I will find you and join you. I know where abouts you live . . . so I’ll be the crazy one with her own snotsicles screaming “STEPH. STEPH. Where for art thou and thou booze?” Although no doubt one of your neighbors will hear boobs instead of booze . . . then call the cops. Why does everything have to be so darn complicated? :)

    • Bahahahaha!! This made me laugh, Janene–thank you! And I couldn’t help but visualize the one crazy neighbor who would 1. find us because he wants to drink (heavily), too and 2. likes boobs.

      Come up any time!

  8. She said “snotsicles”……*snort*.

    Love it!!

  9. It’s funny because today all over Fb everyone was complaining about the snow and here I am, sitting in sunny South Florida, envious of everyone posting snow pictures. See, I hate to sweat (it was a humid, 86 degrees yesterday WTH!) and I love the snow…a long as I don’t have to shovel any of it. But after reading about the snot sickles….well, maybe I’ll just stay put here on my beach blanket after all….

  10. I feel like I need to visit every site and apologize. You see, I live in San Diego and it was 68 degrees today and sunny. In fact, when I finished with an appoitnement about 30 miles south of my house, I took Highway 101 home- driving along the coast behind convertibles and we all watched the surfers, paddlebaorders and dolphins frollic in the water. But if it makes you feel any better… I paid more for my tract home than you and your 3 neighbors probably paid for you homes… combined. My property taxes alone paid for this cotton-pickin weather;)


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