My Mini-Me

The family says my daughter looks like my husband but acts like me. I don’t know why, but I feel like that’s not always a compliment. Not that my husband isn’t handsome, because he is, but she acts like me? Hmmm…Is that to say she’s headstrong, as a result defiant? Maybe it means she’s independent, thus stubborn?

Perhaps it means that my baby girl, who is on the brink of turning two, is willing to relinquish social norms in the face of adversity and grab the bull by the horns to get what she wants. She doesn’t balk at a challenge! She perseveres through the tough times, staying true to herself! My girl takes the impossible and makes it possible! She is an inspiration to all!



Yes, that child of mine makes me proud.

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  1. That has perseverance chewed all over it!!!

  2. My mom says you want to not break her spirit while not letting her break yours either. (She was talking about my sister because I was an angel.)

  3. I find that the things I like the most about my girls are the things that make them the hardest to parent. To your daughter I say GO GIRL!

  4. Yep, I’d say your little girl is just like mom–persevering and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Take a look at the bite mark. What more evidence do you need? ;)

    By the way, sorry for not stopping by yesterday. I got slammed with another bad wave of morning sickness. I think I was growing something important in utero–maybe an ear or an appendage. Man, this pregnancy is rockin’ my body!

    Anyhow, Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!

    • Get out–you never have to apologize for not reading my rants!! Girl, you’ve got more important things to worry about than my sarcastic writing ;) GROW THAT EAR, MAMA!!

      Happy Easter to you and yours, too!

  5. She will thank you for these traits later (and so will you)!!! ;)

  6. That is something to be proud of – she won’t let any obstacle get in her way!

  7. Ah…she’s a girl after my own heart!!! Mine is the same way… but I think the egg would have been chewed altogether and then the foil would have been spit out. She’s nine. Just giving you a picture of your future girl!! ;)

    • Ha!! As long as she spits out the foil rather than poops it out, I’m fine with it. And really, those eggs are delish so I can’t even blame her ;)

  8. I <3 strong girls. And your spin on the event.

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