Every few weeks, my “subscribe by e-mail” feature is a dick and doesn’t deliver new posts to my loyal readers. Today is one of those dicky days.

This is a test message and a complaint because I have a fantastic guest writer today–read the post HERE or click the image below–and know that I will cry if you don’t get to experience her. Waaaaaaaa!!!!!!!


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  1. Dani Ryan says:

    I got this email, but not the one with Angela’s post, so it’s awesome that you posted this!

  2. Jumpin' Jack Flash says:

    When I saw Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I thought the post was going to be about the new Rolling Stones Album with the same title. Unfortunately, it was about some email “dick” nonsense so it was.

    • What an insightful comment and helpful feedback. I’m going to let is slide since you built the world’s biggest snowman and shoveled a garbage truck ton of wet, heavy snow with BOTH kids so I could work today. *Mwah!

  3. I see you baby. Shakin’ that Grrrrr blog post.
    But not the one you wanted me to. I shall click through from here :-)

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