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In my current very pregnant state, one could accurately describe my emotional well-being as fragile. Iffy. Psychotic. I don’t pretend to be stable right now; the tears fall when I repeatedly drop my razor in the shower, and the curse words fly when the dogs lick the sliding glass door I just friggin’ cleaned. I have accepted this as the norm and wear my scarlet C for CRAZY proudly.

There is one thing that can send me right over the proverbial edge, though…

My husband, who is already lean and fit, started complaining that he is losing too much weight. In the past month, he has lost almost ten pounds because he has been so busy with coaching AND because he gave up desserts for Lent. Here’s the thing about my man: his meal portions rival that of a small country’s daily intake, and my carbtastic family just watches him chow down with envy in our eyes and intentions to force feed him lard in our hearts. Normally, I just smile and revel in the fact that one day, he, too, will know what it’s like to have a ginormous gut resting on aching hips, but this year, it’s different. I’m already anticipating the difficulty with which I will lose this baby weight, especially because I only like to run if a rabid dog is chasing me. And here he is, upset that he’s shedding the pounds so easily.

Thankfully, my new pal, Shauna Lynn of Freckles and Curse Words, gets it. In a few months, when I begin my weight loss journey, I will remember her post “Men Dieting vs. Women Dieting” and fight the urge to smack my husband upside his skinny head. Shauna has been busting her butt just like her husband, but the results aren’t exactly…fair:


The guy just decides to lose weight and its practically falling off him? Seriously peeps, he has dropped 2 pant sizes…Here I am, working out just as hard, eating just as healthy, and a measly 6 pounds have fallen off my frame?


How do you do it, men? How do you, time and time again, ensure that we women will be eaten first if the world freezes over and we have to resort to cannibalism to survive?

I love me some Shauna and not just because she is also (unwillingly) maintaining the junk in her trunk; we actually have a lot in common. Mostly the pizza thing:

Shauna is…

a thirty something mother/wife/sister/daughter/friend. She’s a bookkeeper by day, blogger in my free time. She likes pizza, smoothies, yoga and using exclamation points too much. (seriously, its a problem!!)

Her blog is pretty new, it turned a year old on March 8th! It started off as a hobby while she was home on maternity leave, but she loves it so much, she is trying to turn it into more!

So what is Freckles and Curse Words, besides a super clever blog title? Shauna explains:


My blog is a lifestyle blog.  I want it to feel like if you stopped by for coffee, or a glass (bottle, whatever) of wine, this is how I would chat with ya.  It’s honestly me, and honestly I swear a lot. Plus I have a shit load of freckles…….hence the name Freckles and Curse words.  I’m a girls’ girl, so I blog about everything from motherhood, to gossip, to my favourite products, to whatever crosses my mind, past, present, future.



Shauna has two pages on her blog that make my heart so happy. The first is “Motherhood,” where she shares her (honest) reflections on motherhood. Breastfeeding, the need for time to herself, and a few sentimental moments thrown in for good measure, Shauna is not one of those humble brags you want to set on fire after reading. The second, “Girlfriend Shit,” just makes me laugh. That’s all I’m saying about that page because I fully intend on begging Shauna to submit some of that goodness to my Oversharing Series.


Until you meet her again, here on this blog in the Oversharing Series PLEASE, you can find Shauna on Twitter @frecklecursword and on Google+


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  1. Hi, just read your post… So funny and good for you already planning to start losing weight and still pregnant! I am in the midst of trying to get on track…. So hard!!! Check out my site I just started in jan … New to all this!

  2. I thought dads were supposed to gain weight along with the mom! Every time we’d visit the OB/GYN when I was pregnant, he’d start by asking my husband how much weight he’d gained (I still beat him by at least 30 lbs).

  3. I hear ya! I’m 7 months pregnant and have been stuck on bed rest for 7 weeks (and possibly 7 more, groan) so while my butt is getting bigger, my husband is running around like a maniac caring for our toddler and has already dropped two pants sizes. We made the mistake of weighing ourselves yesterday and it wasn’t pretty. What makes it worse is since we live in France our scale is in kilos so the difference is smaller. Don’t worry, I did an online conversion to see what the “real” difference was. Still. my husband is 6’4″ so there should probably be more than a 12 pound difference between us. I would slip him donuts in his sleep to even things out but I know I’d eat the donuts the minute they came through our door.

    I subscribed to your blog so I can find out how you do with the weight loss once your baby is born. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, and please share any tips on how not to stuff my face with pizza while trying to lose weight!

    • I don’t know that I’ll be of much help with the avoiding pizza thing, but we can definitely swap post-baby weight loss stories!! Good luck with the bed rest; I’m due in 16 days so hopefully I can report back sooner rather than later ;)

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