Anne Hathaway is my Homey. But Not Really.

Good Thursday to you!

My girl Angela is back to explain her obsession with admiration for Anne Hathaway. Please note that I do not condone such behavior, as I find Ms. Hathaway pretentious and I want to flick her in the eyeball every time she giggles, but, hey, that’s just one girl’s opinion. Now back to the regularly scheduled Angela who does, in fact, appreciate Anne’s torpedo nipples…


Steph has promised an entire post on my love of A.H., so here goes nothing.

As documented in my previous guest-spot (or rather, in response to the questions that followed), I have included “being friends with Anne Hathaway” on my Bucket List.

In truth, my honest intention would be to date Anne Hathaway, but she is married, I am married and she is straight. All totally surmountable technicalities, but I’m a busy woman. I’d settle for being her pen-pal, really.


How did this happen? Not sure.

Part of it is undoubtedly due to the fact that I use as a primary news source. You may laugh, but you can impress your friends and neighbors with knowledge of random celebrity facts. I’m a hit at team trivia night and the lyrics to We Didn’t Start the Fire has bailed me out of many a historical sequencing jam. Also, if being a lawyer hits the skids, I could always do nails.

(Side bar: I stopped going to a nails place because the ladies there wouldn’t watch or talk about anything other than Basketball Wives. Aint’ nobody got time for that.).


 But I digress… so, here, in no particular order, are the reasons

I love Anne Hathaway:

1. She’s pretty. (Look, I said it was in no order…). Love her or hate her, she’s a looker. Admit it. Even the shit she does wrong (read: nipple-gate), is oh so right.

2. She seems smart. Do I know this for sure? No. Still, she did dump that one guy when she found out he was being federally indicted. Also, if you Google “Anne Hathaway Quotes,” you find this gem on

I have no aspirations of world domination
through the pop charts. None at all.

Anne Hathaway

Smart as a WHIP, she is.

3. She shot a film in Pittsburgh. I actually gazed from my office window for weeks (not constantly, but pretty close) trying to catch a glimpse of the Cat Woman Mobile (or whatever) zipping by. Pint-sized as she would have been from the 17th floor, it would have been great. No dice. Next time, Anne. Next time.

4. Her dad went to law school with one of my friends. This is, of course, apropos of nothing, but I’ve placed this tidbit in my arsenal of ice breakers for when I meet Anne in person.

5. I’ve already run out of reasons. I was going to go with nipple-gate as a reason. Or, perhaps, grace in dealing with nipple-gate. No? I guess it’s really just reason # 1. I’m a shallow sad little person with a near-meaningless life. The good news is, I can be on my own defense team if she catches wind of this post.


Sorry, Angela. Couldn’t help myself.

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  1. Michael barone says:

    Who the hell is Ann Hathaway?

  2. Penny Roach says:

    Holy crap that picture is funny. I just loved her in Devil Wears Prada and kinda had a girl crush on her but then she gave her Oscar acceptance speech: “It came truuuuue” (while gazing longingly at the statue). Ick!

    LOVE the way her hair is growing out I must say.

    Penny at Green Moms and KIds

  3. I’ve never been a big fan. I have no idea why, to be honest. Loved Devil Wears Prada but I don’t think it was because of her at all. It was actually because of Stanley Tucci. He rocked. She just always seem so angsty to me- you’re young, rich and crazy thing, woman, what do you have to be angsty about? She’s like the pre-Kristen Stewart. Another angsty beotch. Don’t get me started on that one…

    • Vicky, I won’t hold this against you, because you were unaware of the rules, but we never, ever mention Kristen Steward on this blog. EVER.

      P.S. I just made up that rule right now but I do think she is the most overrated person on the face of the earth, and not a very nice one at that. :)

  4. Chris Carter says:

    Okay- this was really really funny. I love the intro the best! Now that is TRUE friendship to have a blog friend post about someone you hate with trivial admiration. Anne- eh…I can give or take her. Put Meg Ryan or Goldie Hawn in there… and I am ALL over it. What is the nipple-gate deal? Did I miss something important? Geesh. Must find Oh wait, I have 478 other things to do first. ;)

    • Chris, I’ll save you some time: nipple-gate: when Anne’s nipples were at attention the entire Academy Awards show. I mean, seriously protruding out of her dress and almost poking cameramen in the eyes…

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